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The Earth's Cycle of Celebration


Glennie's beautiful words shine out from the pages in her own hand, with inspiring illustrations. This is a delightful book for anyone following the seasonal wheel of the year and the 8 Celtic Festivals. Rich with inspiring and creative ideas to use. It provides a clear and simple way to understand the energies of the seasons and how to use them and how our ancestors used them.



This book has been written in answer to a growing need to find ways to connect to the Earth, our inner selves and each other, in ways which are life-affirming, potent and alive.
To celebrate these old festivals is to take part in an ancient tradition of following the seasonal cycle of the changing year and to acknowledge and honour our own path within that cycle. This book encourages you to create new ceremonies and rituals which are inclusive, spontaneous, capable of bringing us deep spiritual insight and understanding.

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