We invite all people whatever their spiritual path, religious belief, age or gender, to honour and celebrate nature and our part in the continuing evolution of this unique and beautiful planet; in peace, unity and co-creation with all life on Earth.  Gates open at 10am and gates close at 6pm every day (last entry at 5:30pm) Click here for Visiting PLEASE NOTE: Saturday 1 June is Companions Day and the garden is closed to the public until 3:30pm. To find out more, please click here   Chalice Well water is freely available in the garden from the Lion's Head fountain and also from Wellhouse Lane opposite the White Spring 

Our aim is to be a place to heal mind and body through the agency of the Spirit with the co-operation of Nature. A place to nurture a growing sense of Unity, in every phase of life.  
To create conditions where Love can manifest in act and word. 
“There is no power on earth that can withstand the united cooperation on spiritual levels of men and women of goodwill everywhere.” 
Wellesley Tudor Pole, 1960 | Founder of Chalice Well Trust 

At the foot of Glastonbury Tor within a sacred garden 

The Chalice Well and the main gardens are enfolded in the vale between Chalice Hill and the Tor and the garden’s landscape (or aspect) naturally rises upward from the bottom of the garden toward the well head at the top. 
The gardens progress from the open space of the lower lawns following the course of the waters to their source. 
It is a garden of many ‘rooms’ each with different qualities, features and planting, but all combine to create a living sanctuary of healing, sanctity and peace. 
The Chalice Well Trust own copyright to the name of Chalice Well. We do not licence the use of the name, the logo or symbol under any circumstances. We do not allow any individual or business to use Chalice Well on products for commercial gain, as this would imply that we have agreed to their production, creation, manufacture, including ingredients, quality, safety and use, amongst other considerations. 
At Chalice Well we observe a Silent Minute every day at 12pm and 3pm s a way of offering our energy together for the highest good. Wellesley Tudor Pole suggests the words "here am I, send me", offered in selfless service. The seeds of the Silent Minute were sown in 1917 when Tudor Pole was about to go into battle. His Somerset companion officer told him he would survive and the world would go on to an even greater conflict where people who had died in World War One would help the Forces of Light during the Second World War with a spiritual weapon. 
This spiritual weapon was The Silent Minute, inaugurated by Tudor Pole. At 9pm each evening the BBC broadcast would fall silent and up to 10 million people around the world would observea minute of silence. Tudor Pole understood that this silence creates a united and harmonious channel through which can pass strength and guidance. Many people worldwide still observe this minute and The Silent Minute is once again being observed on a large scale. 
There is no power on earth that can withstand the united co-operation on spiritual levels of men and women of goodwill everywhere.’ WTP 
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Whether visiting for an hour, a day or a week a place of quiet retreat 

Many people visit the gardens to experience the peace and unique atmosphere here. Visitors often speak of a sense of crossing a threshold and leaving the everyday behind. 
Sometimes just an hour spent in the gardens can be enough. But for those looking for a longer retreat or more personal experience, we offer a number of ways you can benefit from the peace and spiritually rejuvenating energies of Chalice Well. 
For a longer stay, we have our Retreat House, Little St Michael's. This can be booked by room or, for groups, as a whole, for Companions of the Well. Guests staying in the house have 24-hour access to the gardens; there is nothing else like the quiet of the gardens in the evening. 
We also have a light and airy, wood framed Meeting Room for holding meetings or workshops. Adjoined to Little St Michael's, the Meeting Room is perfectly situated for groups who wish to include workshops as part of their stay. 
Private Access gives you exclusive access to the gardens, outside public opening times. Either as an individual, a group simply wishing to enjoy the gardens or for celebrating and honouring a particular moment in life’s journey, you can book the gardens for a couple of hours, before we open or after we close. 

Retreat House & Meeting Room 

Our beautiful Retreat House Little St. Michael's is available for Companions. Open for individual and group bookings, it is an ideal setting for retreats, pilgrimages and sacred tours. We hold all of our spaces in a manner that preserves the peace and sanctity of this much loved sacred site, therefore all are free from mobile phone/laptop use and there is no smoking, meat or fish in the house. 
For more information on our Retreat House and Meeting Room please click below: 

Events, workshops & retreats 

Our annual programme of events honours the seasons in nature which fall on days celebrated since ancient times. They are grounded in the common principles of community, stillness, blessing, communion, reflection, gratitude and celebration. That people gather together in a beautiful garden allows a shared acknowledgement of the sacred and the divine that transcends borders and differences. For details of our upcoming events please see our Events information 



A place within which to experience peace and from which to take peace into the world 

“The more love we reflect and share with one another, the greater will be the supply available to us: a supply that is infinite, boundless, never failing and eternal. When the truth of this realisation is recognised and utilised we shall be on the first lap of the road leading to the arrival of “Heaven on Earth”. 
Wellesley Tudor Pole, founder of Chalice Well Trust, from his booklet ‘God is Love’. 

Chalice Well Shop 10:30am to 5:30pm  

The shop at the Chalice Well provides a beautiful and peaceful environment to browse a wide range of books, crystals, jewellery, essences and other items which allows the visitor to take a piece of the Well away with them – ensuring that the connection with the Well can always be maintained directly. 
It’s the ideal place to find the perfect gift for yourself, friends or family, and is a perfect way of finishing up your visit to the Well where you can talk to our friendly and knowledgeable staff team. Our on-line shop allows you to purchase many of the items available in our shop, 24 hours a day from wherever you are in the world. Perfect for those people who aren’t able to get to the well in person on a frequent basis. 
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