Splendor Solis Tarot


If  you love inner journeys, mystic symbols and the mysteries of alchemy, you will love this deck of 78 beautiful cards and guidebook. The artwork is exquisite and the originals were painted in the true alchemical way of mixing the colours with  'dew collected at dawn during the times of the ram and the bull'

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The 78 cards in the tarot deck are full of alchemical images and symbols with gold embossing so that they catch the light as you work with them. They are a truly radiant set of cards. The deck is a journey of alchemy principles and concepts that provide insights and guidance to the questions asked from your heart. Each card has a detailed explanation, written by Marie Angelo.
The Renaissance masterpiece Splendor Solis contains the secrets of alchemy in glorious illustrations by the legendary adept Salomon Trismosin. This classic work inspired this beautiful deck that distills the glories of alchemy in one to one alignment with well-loved Tarot emblems. The 224 page guide book is a useful resource for the apprentice alchemist's guide to the mystic journey.

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