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Shungite Flower of Life Charging Disc


Shungite charging disc



This shungite charging disc is laser cut with the flower of life symbol and can be used to charge a glass of water, a crystal or as a protective shield in your pocket, or near a source of EMF. Used under a glass of water it helps to revitalise and potentise the water.
Shungite is highly protective against environmental and psychic stress, harmful EMF and is good to have near laptops, smartphones, smart metres etc. Shungite is renowned to absorb negative energy and remove it from auras and spaces. It transmutes stress and negative emotions into positive energy and it helps ground and provide psychic protection.
The sacred geometry of the flower of life is also known as Metatron's symbol and connects with universal energies and the cycle of creation, from one singular source, expanding to so much more. It is considered to be the blueprint for all creation.
This genuine pure shungite charging disc is 5cm diameter

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