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Large Vogel Wand

One of the most impressive Vogel wands we have seen. A rare opportunity to work with a powerful crystal for healing and energy work
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Absolutely stunning and vibrant, this very large vogel wand is a master tool. This Vogel wand is one of the finest we have seen. Made of mountain quartz, it is full of rainbows, has a beautiful energy and has been cleansed and blessed in Chalice Well water.
Vogel Wands are considered master healing tools that embody sacred geometry with the power and consciousness of clear quartz. Discovered by Marcel Vogel, they are cut precisely to maximize the collection, amplification, and transmission of the universal life force energy. They draw chi or divine light into the body from both above and below. Vogel wands clear the chakras by dispelling and cutting away dense or negative energy. Moving the wand through the energy bodies brings alignment and balance. This wand is 27cm long, 4cm diameter
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