Taking time at the Well

Walking amongst the harmony of trees, flowers, nature realms and the ceaseless flowing water at Chalice Well, inspired this gift bag.
We want to bring you time to reflect and connect with these energies. Chalice Well offers breathing space and time to be still; time to connect with the vibrant energies of this sacred place; time to reflect on the gratitude for the blessings in your life and time for inspiration.
Presented in a Chalice Well fair trade cotton bag are two books by our founder Wellesley Tudor Pole, a silent minute timer and a small flask of Well water.
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The words written decades ago by Wellesley Tudor Pole are very relevant to now. He was a beautiful soul with a gift for communicating visionary thinking and knowledge. In these two books, his words shine with light from the pages. They can be read quickly, or slowly to contemplate his meaning and significance today.
Message for the Coming Time, WTP elaborates on the Blended Ray that brings “inspiring, revitalising and cleansing influence”. He writes about the importance of the nature kingdoms, the influence of Archangel Michael, the significance of time, especially in the context of a world crisis. His words evoke his deep wisdom about the light of the new age.
Notes on Healing explores metaphysical healing. Wellesley Tudor Pole writes about his experience of the spiritual Law of Healing, and how it can manifest in the physical body. He elaborates on the effects of mental energy. His message for healing is of the importance of oneness and the wellspring of Love.
The Pause for a Silent Minute Timer was inspired by WTP’s wartime initiative that is still observed daily for peace and goodwill. The iron filings inside the timer cascade for one minute onto a magnetic base, creating meditative patterns. We include three uplifting quotes from Wellesley Tudor Pole about the power of a collective silent minute.
We reverently tune into the energies of the Well when we fill the stainless steel Flask with Chalice Well water for you. Its high vibration and endless flow can provide a powerful anchor of connection and constancy, especially in times of change and uncertainty. Wellesley Tudor Pole wrote “when water wells up from hidden springs and sources and is brought intimately into contact with air, such water always possesses healing”.
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