Honouring the Wheel Gift

A lovely collection of gifts to mark the turning of the wheel in sacred ceremony
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Marking the turning of the wheel, this collection of Chalice Well gifts, invites you to create your sacred ceremony.
The Honouring the Wheel Gift includes our Crystal Wish Bag for Protection. The four crystals are specially selected to evoke emotional and psychic protection for you. Carry it in your bag, or use them to grid a room, or hold them while you meditate.
Fire Agate provides a strong protective shield and connects with the sacral chakra. Apache Tear helps absorb negativity and is a wonderful crystal for shielding your aura. It connects with the base chakra, bringing a sense of calm and security. Amethyst with its colour of violet flame is a great transmuter of dense energy and it offers powerful protection. Because it connects with the third eye chakra, it also helps interpret unseen emotions and energies. Smoky quartz helps bring grounding and calming energy to the base chakra. It is a highly protective crystal.
The root chakra red candle is made with plant wax and unscented. We include a small flask of Chalice Well water, for you to bless and bring in the energy of the Well.
Mystic Merlinite is a special crystal for opening to vision. It acts on the third eye and crown chakras. It helps align the chakras, sending balanced energy from the root to the crown chakras. It enhances the ability to manifest and co-create to the maximum potential. In dream work, it helps recall.
The white sage smudge is a powerful Native American tool to raise vibration and banish negative energy. We include it to help you create sacred space.
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