Chalice Well Essence 'Pan' | Delight


Pan helps us to discover a lightness of being and to find an irrepressible joy for life.
This essence encourages us to confidently dance to our own tune. Pan reminds us that we are part of everything that is alive. We can find our true nature in Nature and deeply experience this connection to all in a natural state of wonder and delight.
This essence was co-created on a summer’s day in the valley behind the Well, nestled between the Tor and Chalice Hill, a place preserved for Spirits of Nature. On the sunniest of July mornings, we sat by the oak tree, offered gratitude for all that Nature provides and listened and waited in the golden sunlight. What came was evident on everyone’s faces, unbridled happiness and a sense of joie de vivre.



Choosing Your Essence
Ask yourself the question “What do I want more of in my life right now?” Then sense, feel or see which essence or quality you would like to experience more of.
These Essences are most effective when worked with consciously. We suggest calling upon the Spirit of the Well and asking that you may receive all that you need at this time.
We recommend that you take 7 drops, under the tongue or added to water, twice a day, or as intuitively guided.
Co-created with the Nature Kingdom in the Chalice Well Gardens, each essence is an ally supporting us to become who we want to be, to fulfil our purpose and create the life we want to live. They help to remind us of our light within, our divine spark that is connected to everything.
As an expression of the Spirit of the Chalice Well these essences contain a design for the unfoldment of human evolution and consciousness. In working with these natural energies we are offered a pathway through vibrational transmission to joy, love, peace and wellbeing.

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