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Magdalene Mysteries The Left Hand Path


Soulful, enlightening in depth exploration of the Magdalene Mysteries and the sacred, secret path of the Feminine Christ

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In Magdalene Mysteries, Seren and Azra Bertrand provide detailed information, analysis and insights into the left-hand path of the Feminine Christ.
They unveil the lost left-hand path of the Magdalene as a stream of knowledge that has been carried forward over the milennia through an unbroken lineage of womb shamans, priestesses, oracles and medicine women. This richly fascinating book explains how the Magdalene Mysteries have been encoded with gnostic codices and gospels in the highest art, literature and architecture of many ages. Mary Magdalene's rose symbolism, connection to moon wisdom and the goddesses Isis, Innana, Asherah, Lilith and Jezebel are explored. Azra and Seren Bertrand also look at shamanic, tantric  and Cathar expressions of sacred feminine mysteries as well as witch and Templar roots of Robin Hood and Maid Marian.
In this revelatory and magical 525 page book on the lost feminine mystery traditions and the lineage of the Divine Sophia, there are deep explorations encompassing theological, historical, mythological and archetypal wisdom, with rituals and practices to initiate you into the womb magic of the ancient priestesses and the path of the wild feminine.

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