Healing & Manifestation by Robert Berman

In November 2010 Robert Berman was invited by Chalice Well to do a presentation, sing a few songs and show his “Sacred Water” DVD. While being there, he took the opportunity to do a bit of what he calls Spiritography (Shamanic Photography). The following is an extract from an article Robert wrote for our Companions' Journal 'The Chalice'. Here you will also find a link to Robert's 'Healing & Manifestation through Water' exercise.

'Over the years I have taken many photographs of water throughout the world, and have seen some pretty amazing things in the water. The images from the Chalice Well are very unique. Whilst there, I thought it might be a good idea to place my camera down into the Well to see what would show up. Prior to this, I spoke to the Well and asked her to show me what she wanted people to see of her.[...]

The water of the Chalice Well is one of the most amazing bodies of water I have had the opportunity to experience. Treat yourself and go spend some time there, sit quietly by the water and let her speak to you. You will be glad that you did. The Secret to connecting with the water is to send her your love and then to sit back and receive. When you go there please give her my regards….'

Click HERE to download Robert's Healing & Manifestation exercise.

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