Memories of Imbolc by Laurence Samuel Murray

This was Bride’s time, the time of new beginnings, new birth, new light, and washing the old debris away – both physically and metaphysically. The rain seemed perfect. I pressed on towards the South West, a short pilgrimage from Brighton and Hove in worldly terms, but over 250Km nonetheless to my destination, the Chalice Well and Gardens...





Even though the form of the gardens has grown and changed over the years since I have known it, indeed since its very inception, and will doubtless continue to do so over the coming years, there is something there that never changes. All who have visited it with an open heart will know what I mean. Yes, the same water flows that has been flowing since ancient times, but it is beyond that. The gardens have this gracious quality that brings one home to oneself, inside. Peace inside leads to peace outside eventually. This place is special indeed.


Morning comes and with it the dawn of new promise. The sky is utterly clear, the low harsh winter sun already rising to take its place on this day of Imbolc. The gathering at the White Spring in Wellhouse Lane must be numbering over a hundred souls by the time it’s nine-thirty, and the ritual is about to begin. The doors are shut and inside we are all in a womb-like surround, dark and wet. The spirit of Bride is invoked, songs are sung and then wondrously, gradually, candles are lit and the doors open to bring light in to the darkness. New light.

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