Maxine's Personal Account of Visiting Chalice Well

I have visited the Chalice Well several times independently to relax and also to take part in courses there. Each time I visit its really like coming home… it’s a truly wonderful place to be.

The photograph of the waterfall was taken directly after I had booked the meditation room when there was an almighty thunderstorm but the meditation was very serene and I was aware of the thunder only later on when I thought about the experience.

I went down stairs after the meditation and took this lovely picture of the well and the flowers in the well, which I truly sat there and appreciated the beauty of.

The last picture that I have added was taken again in the upper room, the yellow colours are so vivid. I really felt guided to enjoy the beauty of the picture.


I have shown the picture to a few people and without me prompting have all commented on the fact that the photo looks like it was taken in the past as it has captured what looks like a really old scene in the background. 

I hope you find the pictures interesting and lots of love, Maxine Akins

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