Foot Washing in King Arthur's Court on 1st April 10 by companion Earth Angel Ian

‘The ‘Foot Washing’ took place in King Arthur’s courtyard where the healing pool is situated. Two women, soon joined by another three, were placing lights around the pool, giving out towels and anointing oil in bottles. The leader then explained what the procedure would be.


First you took a partner. You sat down and the partner would undo your shoes, remove them and your socks and roll up your trouser leggings. Holding the partners hand you entered the healing pool with the partner outside of it.

After coming out of the pool you walked to and stood in the cascading waterfall area and with the blessed water the partner placed some of the water on your head to bless you. Holding hands you returned to the seat, your feet were dried and oil from the bottle was massaged into your feet. The partner then replaced your socks and shoes.


As all this occurred there was some wonderful singing bowl sound and some excellent inspiring singing by quite a few people. Before we had started, holding hands in a circle we gave silence which was gifted with the sound of new life crying from a 11 week old baby…what a reminder of innocence and purity that was.’


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We hold a Foot Washing Ceremony around Easter annually.

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