Healing the Souls of Mankind by Pete Dawson (Abridged)

May 2004 (1st Visit)

Two weeks before my first visit to Glastonbury, one of my guides, Simon, came through and told me “Go to your Glastonbury.” He said there would be a lady there. “She will stand in front of a tree and you will see her footprints in the grass. They will end where the sun casts a shadow of the tree on the ground. You will see what she sees.”

May 2006 (2nd Visit)

When we arrived at Glastonbury along with three other friends, we went straight to the sacred place.

As we turned to go I saw a monk in a red gown down to his feet. On the gown was an embroidered gold cross. He waved to us not to turn back.

The chalice was duly placed on a plinth beneath the Lion’s Head spout of Holy Water, I was told, “This water will heal the souls of mankind.”

May 2007 (3rd Visit)

Again, Glastonbury called…

Again we visited Chalice Well gardens, the chalice still in place. However, to everyone’s surprise, whilst in the gift shop, Pat produced a book, “Invoking Mary Magdalene” “Is this what the cup look like, Pete?” she asked.

To everyone’s amazement, this beautiful painting by Dante Gabriel Rossetti showed Mary Magdalene holding up the identical golden cup to the one we had received two years before.

(Painting by Gabrielle Rossetti)

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