Meet The Staff

Staff at Chalice Well

Staff at Chalice Well bring a wide range of experience to Chalice Well and participate in a far broader range of activities than are described in their job titles. They are also assisted by numerous volunteers, in the garden, the gatehouse and the shop, without whom the Well would not function.

Office Staff

Simon Wardle, General Manager

Natasha Wardle, Projects & Development Manager & Essences Coordinator

Robert Ward, Retreat Facilities Manager

Gareth Lovelock, Events Coordinator & Operations

Chris Lenox-Smith, Companionship Registrar

Sara Rosa Hillman, Receptionist

James Arter, Receptionist

Tim Chidgey, Volunteer Co-ordinator

Shop Staff

Caroline Glazebrook, Shop Manager

Vanessa Poulton, Shop Assistant

Maggie Downing-Gaines, Shop Assistant

Housekeeping Staff

Nina Bradford, Housekeeper

Tracy Baker, Housekeeper

Sarah Waterstone, Housekeeper

Moira Lewis, Housekeeper

Garden Staff

Ark Redwood, Head Gardener

Michael Spring, Assistant Gardener & Groundsman

Penny Vivian, Assistant Gardener

Anthony Ward, Orchard Keeper

The Working Ethos

  1. We acknowledge Chalice Well as a place of beauty, sacredness and peace and we cherish it as such.
  2. As a team, we will support each other and foster the spirit of our circle. We will endeavour to have clear, open and honest communication between us and try to resolve issues and concerns directly.
  3. We will be fully present, taking pride in our work and being wholehearted in the service that we give.
  4. We will act with integrity, honesty and professionalism in all that we do.
  5. We will engender right relations and act with respect, care, love, kindness, humour and humility.
  6. We will uphold all spiritual values of goodwill and right intention.
  7. We will demonstrate environmental awareness in our working practice and aim to accomplish all things with minimal impact to the environment.

Meet the Trustees

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