Chalice Well Trust

Entrance to Well

The Chalice Well Trust is registered as a charity, No. 1147343, with the U.K. Charity Commission. The Trust was founded by Wellesley Tudor Pole in 1959 as a charity and non profit making organisation.

The Trustees have adopted the following statement of the purposes of the Trust as set out in the Trust Deed.

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of Chalice Well Trust is to:

1. Cherish, safeguard and beautify the holy place and living sanctuary called Chalice Well for the benefit of the people of Britain and the world.

2. Encourage individual spiritual awareness and growth by offering this place to all people, of whatever religious persuasion or none, for pilgrimage, ceremony, quiet contemplation and healing.

3. Facilitate spiritual awareness and harmony in the local and wider community

If you would like to help the Trust in its work by making a donation all of us here at the Well will be very grateful. Cheques (in U.K. pounds) can be sent to the Trust’s Glastonbury address, or you may use the secure payment facility.

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