Chalice Well Trust

Lion's Head photograph by Nonie Michelli

Lion's Head/Nonie Michelli/Chalice Well Gardens

Monday, 01 January 2001 | Written by Nonie Michelli | View full article »

Lord Grey – Chair of Chalice Well Trust 1968-1993

Lord Grey/Chairman/Cornwall-Legh/1989

Monday, 30 October 1989 | Written by The Independent newspaper | View full article »

'The Prayer of the Chalice'

Prayer of the Chalice/Frances Nuttall

Thursday, 01 January 1981 | Written by Taras Koskowsky | View full article »

Vesica Pool in the early 1980's

Vesica Pool/Chalice Well gardens/1980's

Tuesday, 01 January 1980 | Written by Unknown | View full article »

The lower garden cleared in 1978 before the shop was built

Chalice Well gardens/Little St. Michael's/Vine Cottage/Chalice Well offices/1978

Sunday, 01 January 1978 | Written by Unknown | View full article »

The original Angel sculpture before it was stolen from the garden in 1978

Angel sculpture/Chalice Well gardens/1970's

Wednesday, 01 January 1975 | Written by Unknown | View full article »

Flyer for Glaston Tor School showing situation of the swimming pool before King Arthur's Courtyard 1970's

Glaston Tor School/swimming pool/King Arthur's Courtyard/1970's

Thursday, 01 January 1970 | Written by Unknown | View full article »

Healings as they used to be in 1751

Healing/Matthew Chancellor

Sunday, 01 January 1967 | Written by Matthew Chancellor | View full article »

Extracts from the Tor Excavations Booklet

Tor excavation/Philip Rahtz/Beckery/Wearyall Hill/Archaeology

Saturday, 01 January 1966 | Written by Philip Rahtz, Director of Excavations | View full article »

From ‘A Short History’ of The Chalice Well by Felicity Hardcastle (first published in 1963)

Healing/healing water/Felicity Hardcastle/1963

Tuesday, 01 January 1963 | Written by Felicity Hardcastle | View full article »

View of the entrance with all the old buildings still standing 1960's

Chalice Well entrance/1960's

Friday, 01 January 1960 | Written by Unknown | View full article »

Chalice Well Trust

Chalice Well Trust/1959

Tuesday, 03 February 1959 | Written by Wellesley Tudor Pole | View full article »

The Well Head 1920 from a postcard belonging to Felicity Hardcastle

Well Head/Chalice Well gardens/postcard/1920

Thursday, 01 January 1920 | Written by Unknown | View full article »

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