This poem is from the Alice Buckton collection ‘Daybreak’ published in 1918

On The Heights

(To a fellow-climber who asked me of my destination)


Enough, that there is That beyond my soul

Which draws me forth! A veiled and brooding Dream,

That, as a gathering vapour, long may roll

About the valley, ere the morning gleam

Kindle its slumbering mist with golden fire!

Bidding it rise, to spread its dewy shade

O’er parching cities, barren waste and mire,

And stony rill, and silent songless glade!

I cannot tell the path my feet shall take

To those who watch the cloudy heights from far!

I only know my spirit is awake

With voices of the Hour, whose urgings are

A World’s necessity, gone forth in me

To seek the Wells of Immortality!


AB Section Doc4

Tuesday, 01 January 1918 | Written by Alice Buckton

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