Alchemy of Perfume with Marina Barcenilla

Date: Sunday, 04 November 2018 – Monday, 05 November 2018

Tickets: £250.00 Adult, £250.00 Child

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Following on from Marina's exceptionally well received Alchemy of Perfume workshop at Chalice Well in 2017 and her Sacred Egyptian Perfume workshop in January 2018, we're very pleased to announce she has agreed to return in November this year with the Alchemy of Perfume workshop.

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Marina Barcenilla is the Founder and Perfumer behind the multi-award winning Marina Barcenilla Parfums fragrance house, based in Glastonbury.  She has dedicated decades of her life to the study and practice of natural perfumery and the alchemy of fragrance.

Marina’s interest in natural perfume was sparked by the profound love and connection she feels to the Natural World. She believes in co-creating with Nature as a way of connecting with and experiencing the mystery and wisdom of Mother Earth. Her relationship with the Natural World guides the creation of her fragrances, and the way people can use them to connect with Nature and the land on which they live.

Marina moved to Glastonbury in 2010. She fell in love with the sacred waters that flow from the hidden places beneath our feet and she now feels honoured to be the facilitator of a two day Alchemical Perfume Masterclass, which has been uniquely designed for Chalice Well.

During this Masterclass, Marina will teach you how to extract fragrance out of herbs, leaves and flowers. She will help you to connect with the natural realm and the cycles that dictate the rhythm to which all plants and animals dance in order to be born, to grow and to thrive, and which are hidden within the essential oils and    natural essences that we will use during this class. Together we will ask Nature for guidance and co-create a sacred perfume or anointing blend that can be used to bring you closer to Nature, to remember a loved one, to assist you in your daily prayers or meditations, to enter a particular state of mind, to celebrate or mark a rite of passage, or to invite a sense of the sacred into your everyday life.


Attune to Nature using natural essences in fragrance

Discovering hidden energies

Alchemy as a philosophy

Extracting fragrance from plants and alchemical perfume

Co-creating with Nature practical session – Fragrance extraction


Sacred and ritual perfumes, past and present

Blending natural essences

Meditation and asking for guidance from the Natural World

Using Chalice Well Essences in natural perfume

Co-creating with Nature practical session – Perfume Blending

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