Group Gong Bath led by Phil Leah | A Well-Being Weekend Event

Date: Friday, 08 June 2018

Tickets: £10.00 Adult, £10.00 Child

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Group Gong Bath led by Phil Leah

Friday 8 June | Gardens open 7 pm

Whilst relaxing in savasana position, one is bathed in sound, bringing about a state of deep relaxation. This form of Yoga releases stress, tension and blockages. As it relieves aches and pains, anxiety is reduced, bringing about a state of deep relaxation as the brainwaves change from beta to theta or delta. Inner peace, personal transformation and connectedness can all be felt.

Payment is by donation, with a suggested minimum of £10.00. All proceeds go to Chalice Well Trust.

Please feel free to bring Yoga mats, blankets and pillows if required.

If you wish to pay the suggested minimum of £10.00 you can do so online by clicking the Book Online button near the top of this page. If you would rather donate on the night there will be a donations box available but it has been very busy in previous years so advance booking is advisable.

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