Companions Day 2014 | The Intelligence of Nature

Date: Saturday, 07 June 2014

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During this event the gardens are reserved for the exclusive use of Companions of Chalice Well. The gardens open to the public at 3.30pm.

   Companions' Day 2014

    Saturday 7 June    

    10am to 3.30pm 

One of the benefits of becoming a Companion of Chalice Well is our annual Companions' Day, a day when the gardens are open exclusively to Companions.

This year the speakers joining us are Erik Pelham and Susan Raven.

Erik Pelham

The Intelligence of Nature within the Butterfly and Sea Kingdoms

Erik has taught around 160 courses worldwide and been co-chair of the British Flower & Vibrational Essences Association (BFVEA) for over 2 years. He has partaken and been an organiser in International Essence Conferences.

His initiation into the butterfly essences happened at 'King Arthur's Castle' on the cliffs at Tintagel, and this began a deep and creative relationship with the Solar Colour Beings, who gave us the butterfly essences. In 1987 he brought out 28 butterfly essences and 14 sea essences in Aura-Soma and started teaching about them. In 1994 he made his first 10 sea essences directly with the sea devas, and distributed them widely for testing and feedback.

As well as speaking on Companions' Day Erik is running a workshop the following day, Sunday 8th June, entitled 'Dance of the Butterflies and the Year of Transformation' in the marquee in Chalice Well gardens.

Susan Raven

Mending Our Sacred Bond with the Elemental Kingdom


'What the elementals have called into the world is the last reverberation of the creative, formative cosmic Word, which underlies all activity and all existence.' - Rudolf Steiner

In this talk Susan will explore the hidden world of the elementals, where each entity is engaged in an interactive dance of mutual reciprocity throughout an evolving, dynamic field of living spiritual beings. Susan will also look at ways in which we can build a productive working relationship with the elemental kingdom, and explore how our human thoughts and emotions influence this supersensitive realm.

Susan Raven is an author, speaker and singer-songwriter from mid-Wales. She is a long-time student of Anthroposophy and regularly gives talks on the work of Rudolf Steiner at festivals and venues around the country. Her book 'Nature Spirits: The Remembrance; A Guide to the Elemental Kingdom' (Clairview Books) has recently received favourable reviews in Cygnus, Caduceus, Nexus and The Star & Furrow magazines.

As in previous years you will be able to order and pay for a lunch in advance - details to be announced.

If you are not a Companion and are interested in attending Companions' Day you can find our more about joining our world wide family of Companions by clicking HERE.

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