Foot Washing Ceremony

Date: Thursday, 18 April 2019

Tickets: £4.50 Adult, £2.25 Child

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Foot Washing Ceremony

18 April | 12 noon - 1.30 pm

The intention of this ceremony is one of unconditional giving and openness in receiving at this special time.

Meeting in Arthur’s court we will work with each other, helping each other walk through the waters before drying and anointing each other’s feet.

Foot washing (also known as pedilavium) is a religious rite observed by several faiths including Christianity, Islam, and Sikhism. Within Christianity, the practice derives from the scriptures of the New Testament in which Jesus tells his followers to wash-each others' feet as a sign of humility and brotherhood. In fact, Jesus himself, washes the apostles' feet to exemplify humility and servitude.

You may like to know that the religious act of foot-washing is also practiced in Islam and Sikhism as part of ritual cleanliness. Within these religions, purity in worship is very important. Furthermore, in the predominantly Hindu culture of India, touching the feet of others is seen as a sign of respect.

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