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C. Light

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C. Light

Love and Power synergise in this combined Essence to birth Light. In taking this Essence we take in light as organised particles of energy, photons that encode us to resonate with the Source. We become the Christ, the Divine Mother and Father in perfect balance. We take our place as true co-creators with the Divine, offering that which benefits all beings and aspects of Life, made with the good of the whole in mind. We create peace. We return to the garden. We become the servers of humanity. We co-create a new paradigm built on the truth of our innate Divinity and Oneness with all.

“Light does not DO anything to darkness. It simply SHINES!”

Wellesley Tudor Pole

In this state we shine, restored to the glory of our magnificence. We are illumined by that which has birthed through us, from our dreaming into form. Our being makes the darkness visible, piercing chaos and confusion with clarity.

For times when we need to find true clarity, remind ourselves of who we are and be grounded and anchored in light during times of challenge and change.