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B. Power

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B. Power

In the same way that a lens can amplify the sun’s light into a single beam so powerful it can burn through matter, this Essence can overcome the illusions to reality, revealing our truth and purpose and giving us the energy to get there. It offers the dynamic force that enables us to take right action, trusting ourselves to manifest and create into form.

"Revelation is God given to each of us and is an interior and intimate process. Truth in its myriad forms and degrees reaches us in its own time and way."

Wellesley Tudor Pole

This Essence was created on the 21st of December 2012, the date of the predicted end of one Mayan Age and entry into the time of the 6th sun, the start of a 5125 year cycle and the beginning of a Golden Age. On the Mayan long count this 26,000 year cycle was marked by the sun receiving a powerful ray of light from the centre of the galaxy. It was said this time would mark the beginning of a Golden Age.

For times when we want to act powerfully from the heart.