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A. Love

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A. Love

This Essence helps restore us to the deepest well of our being where we are love. If any conscious or unconscious part of ourselves is feeling unlovable and unloved this essence assists with our laying down those inhibitive beliefs, thoughts and emotional patterns so that we can allow more love to reside within us and radiate into our lives. From this state we become one with the Creator and the universal heart, restoring our relationship to our innate divinity.

“The more love we reflect and have with one another, the greater will be the supply available to us... When the truth of this realisation is recognised and utilised we shall be on the first lap of the road leading to the arrival of ‘Heaven on Earth”

Wellesley Tudor Pole

This essence was imprinted during the time of the transit of Venus between the sun and the Earth, and a lunar eclipse. This time marks the completing of an 8 year cycle where the path of Venus in the heavens has traced the sacred geometry of a 5 petalled rose. Venus, the moon, and the rose are all symbols of the feminine aspect of the Divine and this Essence therefore carries Her soft and nurturing qualities.

For times when we want to receive the deep nourishment of love and radiate this love to others.