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5. Spiritual Connection Trinity

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5. Spiritual Connection Trinity

We have come to understand that these Essences function complimentarily in trinities (groups of three) and are pleased to offer the following recommended combination.

The exquisite love and unity from the Heart of the Well, the open gateway to the inner realms and our innate wisdom of Yew, and the Divine connection of Star Magnolia make this Trinity a superb ally for meditation, ceremony or simply navigating everyday life from a more centered place of being.

The set of three 30ml bottles  - Heart of the Well, Yew, and Star Magnolia. They do not come in a box.

You can take all three Essences at once, or just one or two, and in the proportion you feel you require to create your own personalised blend.

Heart of the Well for Unity

This Essence is a powerful ally for heart centering and healing work, beneficial for both healers and those in need of healing.

Yew for Wisdom

The plant spirit ally of this most ancient of trees serves as a gateway that helps us to connect to the inner realms and our innate wisdom.

Star Magnolia for Connection

The pure white light of Star Magnolia works through the heart chakra, touching the seed of Divinity within, and raising our energy to the crown, where we are connected with Spirit in the celestial realms.

For more in depth explanations of each Essence, please see individual product descriptions.

How to Use these Essences

These Essences are most effective when worked with consciously. We suggest calling upon the Spirit of the Chalice Well and asking that you may receive all that you need at this time.

We advise working with one to three Essences at a time as intuitively guided.

Take 7 drops under the tongue, or in a glass of water, morning and evening, or as your intuition suggests.

5 drops of an Essence can be added to a warm bath.

A couple of drops can be rubbed directly onto the body, chakra, or acupuncture points.