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3. Transition Trinity

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3. Transition Trinity

We have come to understand that these Essences function complimentarily in trinities (groups of three) and are pleased to offer the following recommended combination.

With the cleansing light of Cherry Blossom which assists in releasing the old, the Self-revelation of Snowdrop which gives courage to birth the new and reveal one’s true Self, and the Trinity of Holy Thorn’s support during times of transformation, this Trinity will ease the process of transition.

The set (sorry, it is not available in a box) is one 30ml bottle each of Cherry Blossom, Snowdrop and Trinity of Holy Thorn.

You can take all three Essences at once, or just one or two, and in the proportion you feel you require to create your own personalised blend.

Cherry Blossom for Cleansing

The pristine white light of Cherry Blossom bathes us lovingly as a mother would, cleansing the energy fields.

Snowdrop for Self-Revelation

Snowdrop gives the courage to be yourself, enabling a life that is truer to you to emerge.

Trinity of Holy Thorn for Transformation

The Trinity of Holy Thorn Essence offers support during times of transition, bringing clarity and a centredness of being.

For more in depth explanations of each Essence, please see individual product descriptions.

How to Use these Essences

These Essences are most effective when worked with consciously. We suggest calling upon the Spirit of the Chalice Well and asking that you may receive all that you need at this time.

We advise working with one to three Essences at a time as intuitively guided.

Take 7 drops under the tongue, or in a glass of water, morning and evening, or as your intuition suggests.

5 drops of an essence can be added to a warm bath.

A couple of drops can be rubbed directly onto the body, chakra, or acupuncture points.