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1. Cherry Blossom Essence

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1. Cherry Blossom Essence

Cherry Blossom - Cleansing

The pristine white light of Cherry Blossom bathes us lovingly as a mother would,

cleansing the energy fields. It washes away troubles, emotional burdens and

what no longer serves, leaving us with sparkling clarity, brightness and


This Essence was made on an April morning with the Cherry tree in the

Meadow. The sun rose over the Glastonbury Tor into a blue sky whilst spring

birdsong and the sound of bees filled the air. A feeling of being infused by the

Tree’s clean bright light was apparent to those who were gathered there.

“This essence works by acting to dissolve toxins in the etheric body and to restore harmony to this body… We reconnect with the vital energies of life, shedding our old tired persona and rediscovering our youthful, vital well-being”. 

 Erik Pelham (Co-Chair of the British Flower and Vibrational Essences Association), on the Cherry Blossom Essence.

Cherry Blossom

How to Use this Essence

Chalice Well Essences are most effective when worked with consciously. We suggest calling upon the Spirit of the Chalice Well and asking that you may receive all that you need at this time.

Take 7 drops under the tongue, or in a glass of water, morning and evening, or as your intuition suggests.

5 drops of an essence can be added to a warm bath.

A couple of drops can be rubbed directly onto the body, chakra, or acupuncture points.