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Working with Chalice Well Essences - Our first ever weekend workshop

Friday 19 July to Sunday 21 July 2013

A practical and experiential workshop designed for practitioners, healers and therapists but also open to anyone interested in vibrational essences, who wishes to connect with the healing energies of Chalice Well.

Activities over the weekend include:

Co-creating a special essence to gain an understanding of the Chalice Well Essences approach and philosophy

  • This will take place in the gardens, outside public opening times, sharing the methodology that Chalice Well Essences uses in the creation of our essences

Working with each of the 9 Chalice Well Essences individually and in combination to gain greater understanding of their use and application

  • Using intuitive and creative methods (art/journaling etc.); this exploration will include attuning to the source locations, where each essence was conceived, and connecting with the ally of the essence for personal wisdom and guidance
  • A guided meditation through the 9 essences as a healing journey
  • An exploration of methods of prescribing/intuiting essences for clients/individuals

Learning the story of the Living Sanctuary of Chalice Well, the landscape, the people, the history from the mists of time to the present

  • This will be in the form of a visual presentation and a sharing of archive materials specifically relating to Chalice Well as a place of healing, and the waters in relation to making essences

Exploring the energies and dimensions of the Chalice Well Garden and your personal connection to the spirit of the Well

  • This is a deeper exploration of the spiritual associations, the guardians, nature kingdoms and elemental realm, and the 'etheric template' of the gardens

Learning methods to evaluate the effect and impact of the essences on wellbeing and share insights into research findings

Sharing evidence and methods of collating qualitative research

Friday evening: 7-9pm | Saturday & Sunday: 10am-6pm each day

Friday evening will be a gentle gathering for introduction and attunement. We are aware that some people are likely to be travelling after work on that day, so attendance on the Friday is not essential. However, it offers an opportunity to arrive, connect, share, and meet others on the workshop, and means we can begin in earnest on the Saturday morning.


The workshop is run by members of the Chalice Well Essence Team. Sophie Knock, Natasha Wardle, Muriel Spenceley, Karin Schluter Lonegren, supported by members of the Essence Production Team.

Muriel is the Chalice Well Essences Co-ordinator and first came to work at the Chalice Well in 2008. She is passionate about working with the Devic realm in both Essences production and music composition, as well as integrating their assistance into everyday tasks.




 Sophie is a Trustee at Chalice Well and has been part of the Chalice Well Flower Essence Team since it's inception, co-creating essences and working with them on her clients in her Flower Essence practice. She is an Advanced Member of the British Flower Vibrational Essence Association and co-facilitates the Co-creating with Nature retreats at CHalice Well. Sophie is qualified in Vibrational Medicine, Reflexology, Holistic Massage and is a registered Homeopath. Her passions are Nature, healing and co-creation; to share with people the profound experience of the love, joy and wisdom of Nature.


Natasha has worked at Chalice Well for 13 years and experiences a relationship with the Well which informs her spiritual path.  A core member of the Essence team, she is a frequent celebrant at the Chalice Well festivals and ceremonies and has facilitated retreats on Silence, Soul and the Divine Feminine.




Karin is a Trustee at Chalice Well, a registered Professional Dowser for Health and Healing at the British Society of Dowser and a trained Spiritual Healer. Karin works with colour, breath, animal and plant energy 'medicine', and Chalice Well Flower Essences. Karin is also a founding member of the Labyrinth Society in the United States.



Fee £225.00

The fee covers the cost of the teaching, all materials and lunch on Saturday and Sunday.

A non-refundable deposit of £95.00 will secure your place, which you can pay online by clicking HERE. The balance of £130.00 is due by 19 June.

Alternatively you can pay in full by clicking HERE.

For those needing somewhere to stay we do have limited accommodation on site, available at extra cost. Please call or email for more details about the workshop or accommodation. Alternatively there is a wide variety of bed and breakfasts in Glastonbury.