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Wheel of Life Essences

We are making a new set of Wheel of Life Essences following the Wheel of the Year. The Essences will bring forth the wisdom and understanding of our individual and collective unconscious, mapping the human cycle of life to the nature cycle. They will be made at the midday ceremonies so YOU can participate by coming along or tuning in from wherever you are in the world. We shall begin on Friday 21st June for the Summer Solstice, and carry on for the year's celebrations thereafter so bring your shiny Soul, or simply connect with us through your intention or using the Chalice Well Essences invocation below.

The Chalice Well Essences Invocation:

I call upon the Overlighting Deva of the Chalice Well,

The Spirit Allies working with the Chalice Well Essences,

Gaia, Pan, The Christ Consciousness, Ascended Masters and the Blended Ray,

And my personal Guides, Guardians and Angels.


I ask that I may assist the evolution of consciousness,

And that I may give and receive all that is needed at this time

- Healing, Guidance, Support and Wisdom -

That I may be my true Self, Co-creating my life journey,

 And the fulfilment of my Soul’s purpose, with Love and Light.


I ask this for the Highest Good of all Beings,

And give thanks for these Divine gifts.




Other Wheel of Life Essence making dates include:

Flowering (12pm) - Thursday 1 May 2014