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The Wheel of Life Essences

The Chalice Well 'Wheel of Life Essences' are now available, if you want to:

  • Feel connected with your purpose in life
  • Hear yourself say that it is time for your dreams to become a reality
  • See your project come to successful fruition

Every essence has been co-created with the spirit of Chalice Well and can support and assisst you to be all that you can be in the world.

The Wheel of the Year is a cycle of 8 seasonal festivals celebrated since ancient times, that follow the rhythms of nature and circle of life, from conception through birth, towards fruition and harvest.

For one year, hundreds of people gathered around the Chalice Well at the time of each of these 8 festivals to connect with each other and the arisng energies and cosmic forces. A crystal bowl of pure spring water was placed upon the well head and was imprinted with the unique energy and vibration of these gatherings, all held in the deep peace of his sacred well.

These essences will help to bring spirit into matter and give our inner promptings life. Like thepower that grows a plant from seed to stem, leaf, flower and fruit - they empower us to achieve the fulfilment of our projects and dreams, and facilitate the natural evolution of our life purpose.

  Inspire (made at Winter Solstice) ~ for conception, imagination, stillness, vision

Birth (made at Imbolc) ~ for new life, new beginnings, freshness, purity

Growth (made at Spring Equinox) ~ for vitality, momentum, confidence

Thrive (made at Beltane) ~ for creativit, hope, passion

Zenith (made at Summer Solstice) ~ for energy, fire, radiance, reaching the peak

Fulfilment (made at Lammas) ~ for positivity, celebration, abundance, satisfaction

Harvest (made at Autumn Equinox) ~ for joy, satisfaction, clarity, balance

Release (made at Samhain) ~ for accomplishment, peace, sanctuary, restoration

These essences can be taken internally (either directly under the tongue or drops in a glass of ater) or externally in a spray or in the bath.

Boxed set of 8 essences £62.00 Launch offer £55.00

Practitioner boxed set of 8 essences £88.00 Launch offer £79.00

Individual WOL essence (dosage) £8.50 Launch offer £7.50

Launch offer Winter Solstice individual essence ONLY £7.00

All launch offers available until midnight 21 December 2014