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The Spirit of Chalice Well Essences

 This article recently appeared in 'The Chalice', the journal of the Chalice Well Companions: 


The Spirit of Chalice Well Essences

By Muriel Spenceley, Chalice Well Essences Coordinator

The story of essence-making at the Chalice Well first began hundreds of years ago according to an early Chalice Well guide which says, “Experts tell us it was associated in ancient times with rituals of sunlight and water.”  It is no surprise given the rich devic life that is here. In one of my very first connections with the special energies of Chalice Well I watched my heart turn from heavy and bothered to completely uplifted within a space of just twenty minutes. The words I received to understand the power of the garden were “auric cleansing”.

The magic of the devic realm has been what has sustained my work at the Chalice Well for almost six years. It seems that with every essence we have made and ‘tune in’ we’ve had, the devas have offered more insight into their parallel existence here. I have experienced exhilarating manifestations in the Chalice Well Shop and conversed with the Oak. I have connected with the Yew trees as a gateway through which to call the Souls of my children to me, and received insights directly from the Deva of Chalice Well. But which of these experiences can be attributed to devic connection? I would say all of them. And what exactly is a deva? For me, a deva as an overseer of nature, a stream of consciousness parallel to our own, capable of working with us to create harmony on this planet; Heaven on Earth if you like. A deva could oversee just one tree or flower, a group thereof, or a whole area. The Chalice Well abounds with such energies that are available to those who listen.

Chalice Well Companion’s day in 2008 focused on the devic kingdom here and I had the opportunity to facilitate a group experience of devic connection. It was a moment for people present to see how they experience and receive insight from the devic life of the Well. Personally, my revelation was that the overlighting Deva of Chalice Well was not a being as I had imagined. It did not present itself with a bodily shape or form but showed instead that it was within all of the well and gardens. It was in every plant, flower, bee and even the boundary fences. It was the energy that permeates this space. At the day’s closing we all gathered around the Vesica pool and made what became known as the Heart of the Well Essence. People were invited to connect with the devic energy or Spirit of the Well and our intention was for the group to infuse this with Love and Joy into an essence. Erik Pelham, the Chair of the British Flower and Vibrational Essences Association (BFVEA) commented that the Deva “co-ordinated and synergised the energies of all the Companions of the Chalice Well… Each person’s energy was like a thread that was woven into a wonderful fabric by this Angel and that fabric was one of pure silver light.”This essence supports the opening and lightening of the heart chakra with cosmic consciousness.

My understanding of the deva as ‘spirit of all’ was synchronistically confirmed for me the following year. I connected with the grand Oak tree near the Well, introducing myself, giving appreciation and asking if there was anything it wanted me to know. Suddenly came the name “Rupert” which I thought was perhaps the tree’s name. But that all changed when it added “Sheldrake”. Rupert Sheldrake. I was aware he was an author and mentioned this unusual exchange to Trustee Sophie Knock. She said that the Trust had tried to contact him some time ago to speak at an event here, and with the 50th Anniversary Conference coming up perhaps they should try again. Indeed, he was invited and he accepted. At the Conference he spoke of Morphic Fields which “organize atoms, molecules, crystals, organelles, cells, tissues, organs, organisms, societies, ecosystems, planetary systems, solar systems, galaxies. In other words, they organize systems at all levels of complexity, and are the basis for the wholeness that we observe in nature, which is more than the sum of the parts.” This was exactly how I understood the Deva of Chalice Well.

The Deva or Spirit of the Chalice Well is the synergistic element that gives life to each essence and harmonises the input of other devas such as that of trees, flowers or even Archangels. The devas make the essences living allies that we can work with consciously to resolve specific issues or to receive support in healing and empowerment in everyday life. Those who love the Well are on a deeper level loving the Spirit of the Well and its exquisite quality of peace born of connection to Self and Source. People feel this resonance within the essences. As one person testing the essences wrote “As I’ve used [the essences] I’ve felt as though the flower deva has stepped aside and used its pure spiritual essence of oneness and unity to Spirit – It’s as if the essence has gone deeper than its own attributes and used its pure essence to heal what needed healing.” In this time of busyness and global disfunction is there anything we hunger for more deeply? The essences’ nature is as active partners that nourish our fundamental spiritual needs. They have effortlessly found their way into national publications such as Kindred Spirit and Cygnus magazines, and been distributed in Japan, Germany, Brazil and soon the Czech Republic.

The journey of the evolution of consciousness is a parallel one. In our working with the Spirit of the Well we learn about ourselves and our place within Life. The Spirit of the Well and other devic beings are being invited to work on a conscious level with more people than ever before. The physical boundaries of the garden are no longer a limitation as the bottles make their way to those Souls who feel the connection from overseas.

It is not just the special energies of this place that give the essences their power. It is their amplification in the sacred waters of the Chalice Well. These high vibration waters are the perfect carrier for the healing energies of the devas. Chalice Well Trust founder Wellesley Tudor Pole wrote that there is a subtler, more profound dimension to water-as-healer which lies in its capacity to store and transmit energetic information.  “Water from a particular Well or Source never loses its affinity for the place from which it has been taken” so people can receive the blessings of the Well even when they are far away, and their consciously connecting in turn contributes to the evolution of the beings at the Well. Through this mechanism the essences have enabled the energies of the Chalice Well to nourish the bed-ridden and even to cleanse the waters near Fukushima.

I feel that Tudor Pole would have been delighted to see the production of essences at Chalice Well. Not only do they reflect his idea that we should put in practice the truth that Life in all of its forms, visible and invisible, is a unity, but also his understanding of how we should take the waters. Tudor Pole wrote “Tests show that when subjected to homeopathic processes in sunlight and then taken homeopathically, healing qualities are augmented.”  He felt that “waters should only be taken in small doses to receive maximum vibrational effects. It should be remembered that water can be the carrier or channel for healing energy but is not the energy itself … if the water is taken away for home use 7 drops 3 times daily in a small glass of water, milk or pure fruit juice would give better results than if taken in a less homeopathic way.” This dosage instruction is almost exactly how we prescribe the essences.

The Essences are primarily vibrational unless guidance is given to create them otherwise.  They are made in Chalice Well spring water which is placed in the field of the plant or locale where they are to be conceived.  It is a collective, conscious and ritual process, in which all who participate serve to align themselves as a conduit to the vibration which wishes to birth.  Our intention is to enable the infusion of light and water, but we have found that even if the skies are cloudy, the energy transmission can be just as effective.

As we understand that the spiritual power of the Essences comes from the devas, Co-creation is the fundamental principle that governs not only our essence-making, but administrative, production and decision-making processes. The devas are invited into every team meeting, day to day workings, and they literally add a whole new dimension of wisdom and flow to our work.

Another core aspect of our approach stems from the Aquarian ideal of group.Essences and decisions are made with group mind in conjunction with the devic realm. This gives us the gift of hive mind where despite each person having their own way of receiving from the guiding energies, key messages overlap. Sometimes the exact words or images even come up. For example, in a recent ‘tuning in’ of a new Chalice Well Essence several people wrote that it primarily offered ‘balance’ whilst 2 others had an inner picture of a seesaw in perfect balance. Receiving the same information via people’ varied antennas helps us to feel confident that we are receiving a genuine signal from the spiritual world, and lets us confirm the specific qualities of each Essence.  

Another predominant feature of Chalice Well Essences is that they are made at times of astrological or spiritual significance. The moon phases are considered, with new moons and full moons bringing their own qualities for new beginnings or amplification.

2009 saw the launch of the first ‘Full Set’ of Chalice Well Essences, nine Essences created and produced in the garden over a two year period. Our co-creative journey has led us to see these as an expression of the Deva of the Chalice Well, assisting the unfoldment of human evolution and consciousness. They provide a pathway for an inner journey through cleansing, alignment and vibrational transmission to peace, love and joy.  Individually they work as allies, their vibrations restoring natural order within the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Guidance received suggested that “Matter acquiesces to the highest vibration” so when our system is out of kilter introducing an essence on a quantum level acts as a tuning fork to steady and regulate our resonating frequencies.

Our understanding of their qualities and attributes are informed both by collective guidance and through the collation of ongoing research. This research included “blind” trials as well as feedback received. Trial results were astounding at times and completely silenced any inner doubts I had regarding the power of the Essences. We are working with the invisible worlds. One participant, on her first ‘tuning in’ to an essence, saw an image of the sun and hovering behind it “a great angel or deva of light, very like an Archangel Michael being” there to lead her into greater light. This test was blind; she had been told nothing of when the essence was made or with which devas. The Essence was in fact that of the Golden Roses, made on Michaelmas, the feast day of Archangel Michael who was invited into the co-creative process. The Golden Rose Deva had also told us that this Essence has a quality of light, like rays of sunshine, so our tester intuited two of its main elements. The qualities are palpable for those who are sensitive. In another striking example a trialist taking Yew Essences wrote “After doing an attunement to the Well and to the essence I felt a strong connection to the gardens and could mentally see the two yews in the lower garden”.

As the essence range offered has expanded, so too has our production capacity. A space affectionately referred to as the Essences Temple, Sanctuary or even Tardis, was built as a designated bottling area. In spring and summer this sees weekly gatherings of volunteers pouring, dropping, sealing and labelling bottles for the Chalice Well shop and overseas orders. In 2010 the Chalice Well became a member of the leading body of UK Essences Producers, the British Association of Flower Essences Producers (BAFEP), having met their standards for Essence production.

In 2013 we began making the ‘Wheel of Life Essences’ based on the seasonal Wheel of the Year midday meditations held at the Well. We felt the essences would offer a powerful way for people around the world to connect with the Chalice Well without having to come here in physical form, and to translate the cyclical energies of the seasons into their projects or phases within their own lives. We’ve been using our growing social networks on Facebook and Twitter to invite people to partake in essence-making, and people regularly post that they were ‘tuning in’. This is surely taking the Aquarian aspect of group work to a whole new level.  All going well, the Wheel of Life Essences will be launched in late 2014.

2013 also saw the first formal Chalice Well Essences weekend workshop and we have been working closely with the BFVEA with the intention of offering accredited courses. The plan is to allow people to learn about essences in general, with a particular focus on the Chalice Well Essences, over a number of weekends to reach Practitioner status.

In 2014 you can also expect to see the launch of the ‘Heaven on Earth’ Chalice Well Essences set. These three essences were made during the Venus Transit in June 2012 and the Winter Equinox of 2012, facilitating the incorporation of love, light and power into the human energy field, balancing heart and will to manifest Source energy on Earth.

Working in co-creation with the special energies of the Chalice Well is a tremendously fulfilling service and it is hoped that the essences will continue to be of benefit to many in the years to come.  The living intention behind this co-creation can best be understood through the words of the invocation that is always spoken when commencing the work. We invite you to receive the blessing of the essences through these words.


We call upon the Overlighting Deva of the Chalice Well,

The Spirit Allies working with these Essences,

Gaia, Pan, The Christ Consciousness,

Ascended Masters and the Blended Ray,

And our personal Guides, Guardians and Angels.

 We ask that we may assist the evolution of consciousness,

And that we may give and receive all that is needed at this time

- Healing, Guidance, Support and Wisdom -

That we may be our true Selves, Co-creating our lives’ journeys,

And the fulfillment of our Souls’ purpose, with Love, Light and Power.

 We ask this for the Highest Good of all Beings,

And give thanks for these Divine gifts.



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