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New Trinity Sets

Our new Trinity Sets have landed! We have for some time understood that Chalice Well Essences function complimentarily in trinities (groups of three) and are now pleased to offer new recommended combinations for Transition, Expansion and Spiritual Connection.

Transition Trinity Set:

With the cleansing light of Cherry Blossom, which assists in releasing the old, the Self-revelation of Snowdrop which gives courage to birth the new and reveal one’s true Self, and the Trinity of Holy Thorn’s support during times of transformation, this set will ease the process of transition.




Expansion Trinity Set:

With the joy of Golden Rose, the deep Soul nourishment of Apple Blossom, and Foxglove’s alignment of body and Soul with higher energies, you can count on this set to raise your emotional frequency.


Spiritual Connection Trinity Set:

The exquisite Love and Unity from the Heart of the Well, the open gateway to the inner realms and our innate wisdom of Yew, and the Divine connection of Star Magnolia make this combination a superb ally for meditation, ceremony or simply navigating everyday life from a more centered place of beingness.