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What are essences and how do they work?

Please see the ‘About Essences’ section for our full explanation.

Who makes Chalice Well Essences?

The Chalice Well Essences Team, a small group which includes members of the Chalice Well Staff, Trustees, and committed volunteers.

Where are Chalice Well Essences made?

All of our Essences are made in the Chalice Well Gardens in Glastonbury, and we even have a dedicated Essences Sanctuary on site for our bottling processes.

Have Chalice Well Essences been scientifically tested?

Not yet, though we conducted blind trials of all nine Essences in 2010 to give us a greater awareness of their workings in people’s lives. Our findings are still being collated and we hope to present a booklet containing people’s in depth experiences with the Essences at a future point.

How do you know your Essences work?

Many people have told us they can feel a positive effect on their energetic system when taking an essence.  Feedback and testimonials indicate that they offer support to the individual in the way in which it is most needed. We would encourage you to sit quietly and notice any differences you feel before and after you take an Essence to see for yourself. 

When could Essences be beneficial for me?

Essences can be beneficial when you require extra support during or after a challenging time, in a time of change, or to move through a process more quickly.

How can I tell which Essences are right for me?

We encourage you to trust your intuition or feelings about which one(s) you feel most drawn to. Simply ask inwardly which essence is optimal for you at this time, and see what images, words or feelings arise. As essences work on the human energy system, an energetic method of testing which is optimal for you, such as kinesiology (muscle testing), is also effective. You can find explanations online about how to do kinesiology.

How can I tell which Essences are right for someone else?

Again, if they are unable to test for themselves, we recommend that you imagine that person in your mind’s eye and ask inwardly which essence(s) would be optimal for them at this time and see which essence comes to the fore of your awareness.

What’s the difference between your Practitioner/Stock Essences and Dosage Essences and which should I choose?

Stock bottles contain drops taken directly from the Mother Tincture (the water that was infused with the plant and devic energy on the morning of making) and they contain around 50% preservative (Cider Brandy). Dosage bottles are diluted one stage further, containing drops from a Stock bottle (not drops directly from the Mother Tincture, only those diluted through the Stock mixture), and they contain less alcohol, around 33 % preservative overall. Generally, dosage essences are taken directly, whilst stock bottles are used to make up more dosage bottles. A practitioner wanting to make up dosage bottles for several people, or a ‘family practitioner’ (someone wanting to make up several bottles for friends or family) would usually use a stock bottle to do this. You can literally make up dozens of dosage bottles from one stock bottle, needing only 7 drops of stock essence in each. Just remember to fill your dosage bottle up at least a third to a half with a preservative (alcohol or vinegar), or if using only water keep it in the fridge for up to 30 days.

How many Essences should I take at one time?

We’d suggest taking up to 3 essences at any one time. Sometimes essences can work very well with each other (such as our Trinity Sets) but if you put more than three together you can risk overwhelming your energy system by having many processes trying to take place at once.

How can I take the Essences?

You can place the drops under your tongue, in a glass of water, in a bath, applied to the chakras (human energy centres), in a sprayer, or however you sense is best for you.

How many drops of an Essence do I need, how often, and for how long?

As a general guide we advise taking 7 drops under the tongue, morning and evening for around three weeks. You may sense that you require more or fewer drops, and more or less frequently, and for a shorter or longer period. Trust yourself on this.

Can I give Chalice Well Essences to my children or baby?

Yes. Little ones can respond very well to essences as they have no or less mental resistance than some adults when it comes to such remedies, allowing their energy systems to simply receive the benefits.

For children and babies we would recommend giving a lower dose (up to 3 drops at a time) diluted in a glass of water/juice/infant formula or in the bath. You can also simply wet your baby’s lips with a drop or two of an Essence.

These essences contain alcohol so please be mindful to keep your Essences out of the reach of children and toddler to prevent excessive consumption.

How much alcohol is there in a 30ml dosage bottle of Chalice Well Essence?

The total alcohol content of each essence is approximately 14%.

Why do you preserve the Essences in Cider Brandy?

Alcohol is needed to preserve the water in which the Essence is held. We use local Cider brandy as we’re particularly fond of the energetic qualities of apples, and this region has a long association with apple orchards, Avalon meaning ‘Isle of Apples’.  

Could Essences be harmful to me if I took the ‘wrong’ one or too much?

No, Essences work only for your highest good and only at a pace and level which is comfortable. They are very safe in this respect. If you take one which is not appropriate for you, then it will not resonate and will have no effect.  It is possible that you may experience, for example, a release of old emotion but this is all part of the healing process and the Essences ensure that this is as gentle as possible. Furthermore we suggest that that you consciously inwardly request that you receive that which you need for your greatest wellbeing before taking any essences.

Can I give Chalice Well Essences to my pet?

Yes, like children, animals can receive great benefit from essences due to their lack of resistance. You can test your pet using one of the methods described above (in ‘How can I tell which Essences are right for someone else?’) although you may have to be creative if testing for them with kinesiology - Place the animal on your lap if that’s possible. Adjust the dosage according to their small size e.g. give just a child or baby’s dose for a cat (see ‘Can I give Chalice Well Essences to my children or baby?’) and obviously more for a horse...

How long can I keep my Essence for?

To be on the safe side we have a three year expiry date on our essences from the moment of production, although it is likely that they can be used for much longer.

Where in the world do you post Essences to?

We can easily send Chalice Well Essences to you or a loved one anywhere in the world. We ensure they are well packaged to keep bottles intact.