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Introducing Chalice Well Essences

Co-created and produced by the Chalice Well Trust in the Chalice Well Gardens, Glastonbury, Chalice Well Essences support and empower the healing journey, bringing love, balance, strength, and encouragement. They contain a design for the unfoldment of human evolution and consciousness, providing a pathway through cleansing, alignment, and vibrational transmission to peace, joy, and wholeness. 

In 2014 we are offering a series of practical and experiential workshops designed for practitioners, healers and therapists, but also open to anyone with an interest in vibrational essences who wishes to connect with the healing energies of the Chalice Well. You can find our more by clicking on this link.

"There are certain geographical spots or centres where (...) the veil is 'thinner' than elsewhere (...that) are considered suitable for becoming spiritual and healing oases (...) through which light can pass down into our human atmosphere more easily than is the case elsewhere. Chalice Well is one such centre."

Wellesley Tudor Pole, founder of the Chalice Well Trust.

Essence of the Moment:

Cherry Blossom - Cleansing

Let the crisp white cleansing light of Cherry Blossom wash away the heaviness of a long winter, to emerge all shiny and new into the sparkling springtime. This Essence is for anyone who wants to let go of troubles, negative emotions and the old things that no longer serve them. Prepare to receive a clear, bright and calm state of being - You may find yourself happier for having cleared out your clutter (on all levels!) or cleaning up your diet (again on many levels!). Receive the gifts of Cherry Blossom here.      


“This essence works by acting to dissolve toxins in the etheric body and to restore harmony to this body… We reconnect with the vital energies of life, shedding our old tired persona and rediscovering our youthful, vital well-being”.

Erik Pelham (Co-Chair of the British Flower and Vibrational Essences Association), on the Cherry Blossom Essence .

Chalice Well Essences are registered with the British Association of Flower Essence Producers (BAFEP). This means we have shown that we adhere to accepted Essence-making practices, including food-hygiene standards.


Essence Branding and Photography by Ziggurat Design.